The D-Style

Dominant, Driven, Decisive, Direct

The D Style in your Organization
General Characteristics Value to Team Possible Weaknesses
Direct, Decisive Bottom-line organizer Oversteps authority
High ego strength Places high value on time Argumentative attitude
Problem solver Challenges the status quo Dislikes routine
Risk taker, Self-starter Innovative Attempts too much at once
Greatest Fear: Being taken advantage of

General Description

People with strong D-personality styles like to be in positions of authority, or where they can do things on their own terms. They tend to be risk-takers and self-starters, who are extremely goal-oriented and even competitive. They are excellent problem-solvers and big-picture thinkers and tend to respond well to logic, reason, and information, but not emotion.  The D-style has high ego strength, which could be perceived positively as confidence or negatively as pride.

Greatest Fear:

The D-Style has an innate fear that they will be taken advantage of by someone, especially someone they trusted. As a result, they tend to strive for positions of authority, where they can be in charge of making decisions and controlling environments.

Motivated By:

  • New challenges
  • Meeting goals
  • Competition
  • Power and authority to take risks and make decisions
  • Freedom from mundane tasks, repetition, and routines
  • Appreciation and recognition by others
  • Awards

When Communicating with a D-Style Personality:

Communication Do’s Communication Don’ts
Be brief, direct and to the point. Ramble or repeat Yourself
Ask “what”, not “how” questions Focus too much on details and processes instead of goals and end results

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