The PeopleKeys API

The PeopleKeys 3 API can be used to integrate trusted online personality profiling features into your application. Our API will give you access to our whole system in purchasing, administering, and ultimately using the DISC Profiles. This page is dedicated to developers who want to get started using the PeopleKeys 3 API. Take a look through our API Documentation or view some Examples.

The PeopleKeys 3 API is a RESTful API that can unlock all of the cool features of PeopleKeys for your application or integration. Regardless of the programming language you may be using, this documentation should help you learn the API.

For high volume customers we can negotiate lower per assessment prices. Please feel free to contact:
800-779-3472 ext 109 or

What can our API do?

Our API is currently opened up for our DISC24 test. The Test can be delivered directly through your website through an iFrame or you can send the users directly to our interface. In either situation (through API calls), our system can set up the user invitation and return to your system at request.

There's an API call to return the following:

  1. Manage accounts, subaccounts, users, and assessments.
  2. Generate an invite URL for an end user to take an assessment.
  3. DISC Scores (-8 to +8 or quadrant graph percentages).
  4. DISC Style Name (Attainer, Persuader, etc).
  5. DISC Letter Combination (DSI, SC, ICD, etc).
  6. PDF Full Report.
  7. PDF of Graphs Page Only.
  8. HTML sections (pull in the content for general description, description overview, etc, which can be displayed directly through your website).
  9. Finish an incomplete assessment.

Getting Started

To use our API you should have the following:

  1. A valid username and password. (as an Account Owner)
  2. API Public and Private Keys
  3. Test your deployment on our test servers

During your testing phase we do ask that you use our test server rather than our live server. You will need to change your hosts file in order to do so. Here is a sample of how your host file can look:

Sample Host File 


Obtaining API Access

By joining PeopleKeys and configuring your account, you are able to integrate all the features and products of that account into your own application. The account you configure will be used as the parent account for all actions. This guide will show you how to create a fully functional integration with the PeopleKeys 3 API. To obtain your API credentials, visit after you have registered for an account.

Once you add your application to your PeopleKeys account, you will be provided with a Public Key and Private Key. Make sure you keep this information private! If someone obtains access to your Private Key, your integration with PeopleKeys could become compromised.

The PeopleKeys 3 API uses a custom HTTP scheme based on a keyed-HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) for authentication. When the system receives an authenticated request, it fetches the Private Key that you claim to have and uses it in the same way to compute a signature for the message it received. It then compares the signature it calculated against the signature presented by the requester. If the two signatures match, the system concludes that the requester must have access to the Private Key and therefore acts with the authority of the principal to whom the key was issued. If the two signatures do not match, the request is dropped and the system responds with an error message. Using this method, you do not have to transmit your Private Key under any circumstances.