DISC For The Real World
Webinar Series

Webinar List

More Winning!

How to plan to succeed with goal setting strategies that really work.

How To Choose A Meeting Leader!

and other ways to increase productivity through talent management.

"How To Deal With A Sandwich Thief"

and other office dilemmas.

Strategies For Fixing A Bad Day

Live better by taking control of your life.

How To Plan The Best Vacation Ever.

(Embracing your inner awesome).

Become A Better Test Taker...

by taking this test.

"Go To Your Room!"

Insights that can make parenting so much easier.

"Follow ME!"

How to be the type of leader people want to follow rather than the type they have to follow to keep their job.

How To Beat Holiday Stress

and actually have some fun!

About The DISC For The Real World Webinar Series

PeopleKeys is providing you with this library of pre-recorded webinars from our popular, online DISC In the Real World webinar series. The topics encompass a wide range of "real-world" scenarios, all designed to help you take the power and insight of the DISC personality system and apply it to your everyday life.

These webinar presentations are approximately 30 minutes or less, and are presented in a straight forward and easy to understand format. DISC for the Real World is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and easy way to strengthen relationships, improve communication and enjoy life better.