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With the right people in place, you can achieve anything. As an employer, it’s important not just to hire for skills but also on motivation and effectiveness so that your company is operating at peak efficiency.

The right people make all the difference

With the right people in place, you can achieve anything. As an employer, it’s important not just to hire for skills but also on motivation and effectiveness so that your company is operating at peak efficiency.

Leader in DISC technology

PeopleKeys is the provider of the most accurate and legal predictive hiring system, in addition to providing the most customizable DISC assessments on the market. Our patented technology is available internationally, 24×7, with assessments and reports in 36 localized languages.

Accredited & validated

PeopleKeys is proud to be a member of IACET, SHRM, ICF, and our own certification process through The Insitute of Motivational Living. As the only ISO 27001:2017 certified DISC assessment provider worldwide, we ensure the highest compliance in data protection and privacy.

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Trusted by Top Businesses Across the Globe

PeopleKeys has been a trusted partner of thousands of businesses for over 35 years. We provide the DISC assessments, training, and resources needed to improve performance in organizations across all industries, from small businesses to global enterprises.

Job well done. You [PeopleKeys] beat deadlines and delivered more than promised.

Helen S.

United Airlines

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Business Manager, Microsoft, Xbox Division

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DISC Solutions for Business

Use DISC to Help Create the Best Workplace

Validated and reliable, our DISC behavioral assessment tools use a working knowledge of human behavior to assist companies in making informed hiring decisions, increasing sales effectiveness, developing stronger teams, reducing employee turnover, and improving an organization’s overall productivity and performance.

Conflict Resolution

When individuals with different personality types work closely together, conflict is bound to arise. Learn how to effectively manage it when it happens.

HR & Talent Management

PeopleKeys offers a wide variety of talent management solutions that will help you hire the right people, and put them in roles that make the most of their talents.

Leadership Development

As a leader, being aware of your strengths, as well as those of the people around you, can give you the insight you need to get the most out of your team.

Team Building

Knowing your strengths and the strengths of those on your team can help you to maximize your effectiveness. Start building stronger and more productive teams.

Sales Strategy & Training

Applying DISC methods in sales enables you to recognize your customers’ key predictable behaviors. Learn how to effectively sell in the way people buy.

Stress Management

What may be stressful to one personality style may actually energize another. Learn the secrets to managing your stress based on your unique behavioral style.

Invest in Your People to Grow Your Business

No matter the size of your company, PeopleKeys DISC testing, training, and behavioral analysis tools provide a simple and affordable way to:

  • Diagnose an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and future needs
  • Hire, train, and evaluate current and potential employees
  • Improve sales and customer service
  • Build strong and productive teams
  • Reduce office conflict
  • Create a strong talent management strategy and company culture

PeopleKeys is your single source for a comprehensive online solution that is customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

Most Popular DISC Business Solutions

Predictive Hiring, Talent Management, and Workforce Retention

Download a multi-year study by IML/PeopleKeys on the effects of relationship-based talent management and the impact this has on recruitment, training, and retention.