Retaining Staff

Retaining StaffDid you know that 46% of new hires leave their job after the first two years?

Considering all of the time, effort, and money that it takes to train a new employee, once employees are successfully integrated into an organization, it’s important to keep them there. A recent group of corporate case studies found that the cost of replacing an employee amounts to a staggering 20% of that person’s annual salary. Moreover, time and time again, high rates of turnover have been shown to reduce productivity and decrease morale in the remaining staff.

When employers take the time to provide professional development opportunities to their employees, those employees feel valued. In return, the employees tend to be happier, more productive, and more dedicated to their job.

Our DISC solutions are perfect for a number of talent management and retention purposes, such as seminars, presentations, and training sessions. When employees are introduced to DISC, what they learn can be used to open up channels of communication, develop existing talents, boost morale, reduce interoffice conflict, increase motivation, and relieve feelings of stress. Happy employees improve your bottom line… period.

Don’t forget to use the DISC Personality System when making the right hire. Retaining staff starts with hiring the right person for the job.

Our DISC staff retention solutions include:

Clients using PeopleKeys typically found turnover rates decreased 30% to 50% during the first year of implementation.

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