Introducing the most useful diagnostic tool since the invention of the stethoscope. PerformanceKeys provides accurate imaging of the attitudes, motivators and the corporate culture that exists in the workplace. PerformanceKeys will help you to see current trouble spots, and identify potential problems within an organization.

Organizations often have unique personalities and tendencies, possess the ability to grow and evolve, and will instinctively react to their environment.

Unlocking Peak Performance

Improving the health of any organization begins with an accurate diagnosis. PerformanceKeys provides solutions for all these needs and more, including but not limited to maintaining current systems, increasing morale and productivity in your workplace by resolving disputes within organizations.

Organizations behave very much like living organisms. They often have unique personalities and tendencies, possess the ability to grow and evolve, and will instinctively react to their environment. Organizations, just like organisms, can also become ill. An “illness” within a part of an organization can quickly grow and spread. If left unchecked, it can have a devastating effect on overall health. The PerformaceKeys system is designed to allow you to accurately assess the health of your entire organization. It’s simple and accurate diagnostic capabilities will allow you to avoid simply treating symptoms, enabling you to focus on treating the source (or sources) of your organization’s “illness”.

Treat the Fever Then Treat the Cause

You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that having a fever is an indicator. A fever is not an illness, but rather a symptom of something wrong within the body. However, a fever can have a devastating effect if left untreated.  Just like running a temperature can be an indicator of something wrong, an organization can often display the symptoms of an underlying illness, including:

  • High turnover
  • Decline in productivity
  • Poor morale and attitude
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Little or no employee buy-in
  • Poor employee loyalty
  • Poor community image/perception

Vital Information in a Usable Format

Symptoms are easily identifiable; the cause is less so. PerformanceKeys will allow you to accurately identify the underlying issues within the organization that will need to be addressed in order to restore or improve health. PerformanceKeys, through a series of targeted survey questions, gathers information from employees, contractors and volunteers. The information is then compiled and presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.


It’s not enough to simply treat the visible symptoms within an organization. In order for an organization to truly be healthy, you will need to address the root cause of the illness.

We Make Housecalls

Perhaps the best way to fully understand the capabilities of the PerformanceKeys system is to try it for yourself. Our highly trained staff of behavioral experts is available to walk you through implementation and analysis. PeopleKeys is committed to your success. We have helped countless organizations meet and exceed their goals by the strategic application of behavioral insight and knowledge.