DISC Counseling Solutions

DISC Counseling SolutionsCounseling others is a rewarding and challenging process. As a counselor, your mission is to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their personal and professional goals. Using DISC in your counseling sessions can give you a strategic advantage that others are missing. Whether you are currently a counselor or aspire to become a counselor, PeopleKeys DISC testing, training, and behavioral analysis tools provide a simple and affordable way to:

  • Diagnose each client’s individual strengths, limitations, and needs
  • Facilitate open and honest communication
  • Determine the counseling approach best suited to the needs and temperament of your clients
  • Help clients set and achieve realistic goals

How Does DISC Help You Help Others?

DISC theory is based on decades of research that categorizes patterns of behavior in four distinct ways: (D) Dominant, (I) Influencing, (S) Steady, and (C) Compliant. The blend of these four distinct personality types within an individual represents their approach to life, people, and events.

These four personality types also represent various needs that a person will seek to have met throughout their lifetime. Often a client benefits from just knowing their natural tendencies and the temperament of those they are associated with. Marriage counseling, for example, can be started by exploring the couple’s DISC personality blends. This will help them open up lines of communication, appreciate and respect their individual approaches to life, and adjust their expectations of each other.

Counselors use DISC to identify a client’s:

  • Needs
  • Fears
  • Patterns of Normal Behavior
  • Natural Strengths
  • Inherent Weaknesses
  • Conditioned Responses to Stress
  • Strategies in Confrontation
  • Influence Upon Others
  • Ideal Home and Work Environments
  • Motivational Triggers

Our DISC Tools


Guidance Counselors

Our StudentKeys family of products will help you work with students on goal setting, improving grades, boosting motivation, planning for the future, choosing a career, working through interpersonal conflicts, and achieving self-awareness.

Life Coaches

In addition to a large variety of DISC testing tools that can be used in one-on-one sessions with clients, we also offer complete life coaching certification and DISC training programs. Whether you are already established as a life coach or just getting started, let us show you how to use DISC to support your clients and increase your business.

Couples and Family Counseling

DISC is an excellent tool for couples counseling and family counseling. Try our DISC Profile, Relationship Report, or Children’s Report. One of the major things that DISC teaches us is how to better communicate with others. Using DISC in counseling sessions will help your clients open the lines of communication and build healthy, positive relationships.

Christian Counselors

In addition, we offer DISC tools that counselors can use to identify their clients’ spiritual gifts, guiding values, and Biblical personality style.

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