Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC)

A Certified Behavioral Consultant knows more than just the basics of human behavior. These professionals have advanced training in behavioral analysis that qualifies them as an accredited expert, endorsed by PeopleKeys, to help you achieve greater success in your profession.

Gain a Better Understanding of People

To become PeopleKeys-accredited and certified, you are required to successfully complete both Level 1 & 2 DISC training courses.

Level 1 DISC Training

The Level 1 course covers a comprehensive introduction to DISC theory, DISC styles & style blends, interactions between styles, graph analysis & special patterns, and an introduction to DISC application.

Level 2 DISC Training

Designed to follow the Level 1 course, Level 2 is advanced training that teaches participants how to apply the concepts and skills of the DISC system with a wide variety of consulting, training, or leadership opportunities.

CBC Package

The CBC Package bundles together PeopleKeys’ self-guided courses Introduction to Behavioral Analysis and Advanced Behavioral Analysis, with TEAMS, Values, and Behavioral Attitudes at a discount.

Why is DISC Training & Accreditation Necessary?

Think about it like this: Would you choose an uncertified financial planner to manage your money, or an uncertified contractor to build your house? Certification is the only way to show potential clients that you have the right training for the job.

Certification has four major benefits:

  1. Certification is a resume booster
  2. Certification attracts clients
  3. Certification increases your marketability in a competitive job market
  4. Consultants are in great demand and certification will help you stand out above the competition
CBC DISC Consultant
DISC CBC Certification

How Long Will it Take Me to Complete These Courses?

Both online courses are self-paced, so you set your own training schedule. You can break up the courses to complete sections in your spare time. You have the ability to take the fast-track and finish your certification in a weekend, so you can start using your training immediately.

Each course has approximately four to five hours of video that provides instruction on topics relevant for certification/accreditation. To complete both courses, you will need to pace out 8-10 hours to watch video, plus extra time for reading downloadable materials, reviews, and completing tests.

DISC Continuing Education

You will be assigned to an account manager, who can help you with training, troubleshooting, customization, and basic management. If it’s a technical or sales issue, your account manager will make sure you’re connected to the right person. We also have DISC experts and consultants on staff that can help you with any basic DISC questions or DISC application. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and client support. If you choose to become a PeopleKeys partner, you will receive additional support and discounts on PeopleKeys products.

DISC Continuing Education

What Would PeopleKeys Certification Mean for Me?

When you are certified in behavioral analysis, clients will seek your services in areas, such as:

    • Hiring the right person for their professional and team needs
    • Developing strong leadership and management staff
    • Increasing productivity and efficiency in teams and individuals
    • Sharpening communication skills
    • Implementing team building exercises
    • Increasing understanding, productivity, and efficiency amongst working groups
    • Recognizing problematic patterns of behavior
    • Improving behavioral intelligence
    • Managing stress
    • Resolving conflict
    • Teaching motivational techniques
    • Training in areas such as sales and customer service
    • Gaining greater self awareness and improving personal and professional relationships
    • Introducing professional environments to DISC culture and its benefits

Frequently Asked CBC Questions

What’s the difference between the Level 2 DISC courses, Advanced and Applied Behavioral Analysis?

  • Level 2 DISC Training, Advanced Behavioral Analysis, has a focus on practical DISC application as it relates to business perspectives and applications.
  • Level 2 DISC Training, Applied Behavioral Analysis, has a more faith-based focus. Most examples in this course pertain to Christian counseling.

In what format are these courses available?

  • Courses are available online
  • Live or webinar courses at PeopleKeys headquarters in Ohio. These are scheduled and announced periodically. Please contact PeopleKeys to find out if there’s a live training coming soon.

What do I receive at the completion of the CBC courses?

  • Certificate of Completion: Level 1 DISC Training – Introduction to Behavioral Analysis
  • Certificate of Completion: Level 2 DISC Training – Advanced Behavioral Analysis
  • Certification & Accreditation Document – Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) – printable through online course or official document at request
  • CBC Logo for your website – at request
  • 3 Continuing Education Credits through IACET – at request
  • 30 SHRM PDCs toward recertification – at request
  • A PeopleKeys Business portal to purchase and distribute assessments for use with your clients

Can I purchase these courses separately or is it beneficial to purchase the package?

If you choose to purchase these courses separately, you may. If you choose to do this, please make our staff aware as you move on to your second course that you’re continuing the accreditation process.

The benefit to purchasing the courses at the same time, even if you wait to take them until later, is price and convenience. When you purchase these in a package, you are set up with both courses at once, are on a track for certification & accreditation according to our records, and gain great savings through the packaged price.

Do I need to renew credentials once I’ve been accredited?

No. DISC certification does not expire, although we strongly encourage you to stay up to date with webinar trainings and other DISC training materials over time. Retaking the courses after many years have passed is a good idea, but not a requirement.

At one point I was DISC certified by PeopleKeys using only the DISC Level 1 Training, am I still certified?

Yes. The curriculum rules for certification changed as of September 2012. Anyone who took the Level 1 DISC training prior to September 2012 still maintains DISC certification and is grandfathered in. However, we strongly encourage completing the second level of training and receiving your CBC accreditation.

If I’ve previously completed both DISC Training Level 1 and Level 2, can I receive the CBC credentials after the fact?

Yes.Contact PeopleKeys and let us know that you’ve completed Level 1 and 2 and would like documentation for accreditation. There will be a small fee for the documentation to be created and sent.