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How healthy is your organization?

Are you wondering if PeopleKeys is right for your office? Find the answer for yourself by taking a moment to rate the “pain” your office is currently experiencing. Pain is too often a symptom of an underlying illness. PeopleKeys provides you with an accurate behavioral diagnosis, allowing you to prescribe an effective behavioral cure.

My office is harmonious and efficient
My office is harmonious and efficient… but things could be better.
We have all learned how to behave in order to keep the peace and get along.
My office is continually contentious and stressed filled.
We have more turnover than a pancake house.
I am losing patients because of the lousy atmosphere

PeopleKeys provides you with…

  • An easy and effective hiring solution.
  • A proven way to maximize performance.
  • Unique opportunities to improve employee morale and increase patient satisfaction.

PeopleKeys provides a fast, easy and reliable way to find the right candidate for your office. Whether you are looking for a receptionist, nurse, lab technician or a bookkeeper, PeopleKeys can help you identify the “best fit” for your office, saving you valuable time and energy and allowing you to focus on what you do best… treating patients.

PeopleKeys can help you staff the following offices:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Pediatricians
  • Chiropractors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Opthamologists
  • Podiatrists
  • Other Specialties
  • Hospital administration

PeopleKeys saves time and money by allowing you to…

  • Easily assess candidates online
  • Automatically rank and sort by results
  • Hire with confidence using our hiring report

Start the hiring process with a click of the mouse…

Our “one click” invite button allows you to automatically send candidates to the online assessment center. Whether you currently have candidates apply through your website, from an online ad or in person, our “one click” invitation makes it easy to get your candidates assessed and into the system. Our DISC assessments are among the most accurate and highly validated tools on the market today. Use the same hiring system that has been a worldwide leader for more than 30 years.

Maximizing Performance

PeopleKeys Behavioral Style Reports

Assessing your current staff through the PeopleKeys system, provides you with the tools you need to fully develop the talent that already exists in your office, increase employee productivity, enhance client satisfaction, and ultimately add to your bottom line.

Your PeopleKeys reports are based on the DISC system of behavioral analysis. The DISC system provides a common language throughout the organization and will lay the foundation for improving communication, maximizing personal strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Understanding yourself and those you work with provides the following benefits:

  • Creates an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation
  • Improves morale and communication
  • Allows staff members to recognize and capitalize on their strengths

Employee Morale & Patient Satisfaction

How can you get a motivated staff and satisfied patients? Through a greater understanding of behavioral styles, your staff is better able to recognize and meet the needs of those they serve. A happy staff means happy patients…

Download case study

Through your PeopleKeys account, you will have access to the same reports and behavioral information used by hospitals, health care systems, and private practices worldwide for:

  • Team building
  • Retention and morale
  • Customer service
  • Conflict management
  • Employee development
  • Strength identification
  • Strategic planning
  • Much more

What’s in the Report?

Your PeopleKeys Report will allow you and your staff to discover their communication styles, how they accomplish tasks, how they respond to stress, and factors that motivate or discourage them. Use this information to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, improve workplace dynamics and build stronger, more productive teams.

PeopleKeys combines DISC, Thinking Style and Values assessments into one report, giving you insight into behavior, hidden motivators and thinking style.

PeopleKeys Report Sections include:

  • Detailed candidate overview
  • Strengths and limitations sections
  • Interview questions based on assessment results
  • Information on Behavioral and Communication style
  • Information on TEAM Thinking style
  • Information on Workplace Values

Pairing these behavioral reports with PeopleKeys benchmarks, allows you to hire and place employees based on their inherent strengths and behavioral ability to meet the demands and requirements of the job.

Additionally, the free PeopleKeys online application, customized surveys, and behavioral trainings can help you to:

PeopleKeys specializes in customized solutions and is proud to provide excellent customer service and consulting services to our clientele. Please, contact us with your questions or to build your custom solution today.

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