Hiring and Volunteer Placement

Hiring and Volunteer PlacementPeopleKeys has helped many ministries to take their membership to a new level. By determining the personality style, areas of gifting, and the passions of applicants and volunteers, you are able to plug them into the right places in your ministry or church. This allows you to fill every area in need with the right people, leading to happy & fulfilled staff and volunteers who are connected to the church’s vision…and they become givers!

Fulfill your ministry by placing employees and volunteers to their strengths and spiritual gifts

Your church will have it’s own in-house recruitment agency, through an instantaneous internet-based software that is easy to use. You can add and create benchmarks within your account for the specific positions used within your ministry, then have applicants and volunteers take personality style and spiritual gifts assessments online, which match them with those benchmarks. Not only will you be given a match, but you’ll also have a complete report on that person, their strengths, style of communicating, potential limitations and insecurities, passions and spiritual gifts. The days of guessing, placing people in the wrong places, and eventually dealing with the fallout, are over.

Ultimately, you’ll have a database of your congregation and members, which outlines and identifies their God-ordained areas of service. Keeping church members active and involved is vital to the success and continued growth of your ministry. PeopleKeys can provide you with essential information that will allow you to plan for growth, instead of just hoping for it. At PeopleKeys, we understand the difference between candidates who are merely qualified for a position and candidates who are both qualified and called.

Aside from staffing individual positions, it’s important to make sure that someone is also a match for your team, other members, and the specific environment of your ministry. PeopleKeys has a number of assessments that can also play into these areas such as workplace values and thinking style, which allow for a more in depth and truly 3-dimensional perspective of a person, from internal motivators to outward behaviors. Our benchmarks will cover all of these assessments. If you choose to do a custom benchmarking study, we’ll even talk to your staff and include behavioral patterns, which help us to replicate your top performers.