Leadership Development for Ministries

“You cannot succeed if you cannot lead people, and you cannot lead people if you do not know who they are. MinistryKeys gives me and my staff instant knowledge of our people and their areas of gifting. Now we can lead.”

-Dr. Ron Phillips, Senior Pastor, Abba’s House

PeopleKeys is committed to helping you increase your effectiveness as a leader by providing tools and resources to help you:

  • More effectively express your care for people
  • Enable you to recruit others to your cause
  • Challenge and enable others to do their best
  • Identify and raise future leaders
  • Place team members in areas of maximum effectiveness
  • Help others to identify and use their areas of gifting

Leadership Development for MinistriesPeopleKeys interviewed twenty-two pastors whose churches had failed and twenty pastors of successful, growing churches. In many instances they had raised up several churches. Although the sample size may keep this from being a truly scientific survey, the results were insightful enough that we thought they would be worth publishing.

Characteristics most associated with successful pastors:

  1. A hard worker 100%
  2. Proven record under supervision or authority 95%
  3. Sure of calling 95%
  4. An attitude of optimism and faith 95%
  5. Good social skills, friendly, easily liked 95%
  6. Takes responsibility for church growth 95%
  7. Both pastor and spouse felt called to the church 90%
  8. Held values, priorities, and philosophy of denomination 90%
  9. Indigenous or extra-local support from other leaders 80%
  10. A strong marriage 80%

Characteristics most associated with unsuccessful pastors:

  1. Inabilities to identify, recruit, train and deploy workers and leaders. 95%
  2. Use of ineffective methods and the unwillingness to realistically evaluate the results of those methods. 77%
  3. No clear plan and goals, which results in working hard at the wrong things or lack of focus. 77%