Understanding your student’s personality can help with homeschooling!

Understanding your student’s personality can help with homeschoolingThe decision to homeschool often stems from a desire to break away from the predictable routines of traditional academic institutions. As the parent of a homeschooled child, you have made it a priority to instill in your child a love of learning, and aim to create lesson plans individually tailored to meet your child’s unique needs. In order to design a curriculum to meet the needs of your child, though, you need to first gain a thorough understanding of the way your child thinks, processes information, and can be motivated. StudentKeys is a valuable tool for parents that homeschool, as it can be used to clearly identify a child’s academic strengths and learning challenges, giving parents strategies they can use to adjust their teaching style to better meet the needs of their child. From a child’s perspective, the StudentKeys program can provide valuable insights on who they are, how they learn, how they communicate with others, and how they can tap into the self-confidence they need to achieve future success. Increased learning retention, increased SAT/ACT scores, a better understanding of personal strengths, improved communication skills, improved goal setting skills, appreciation of individual differences in learning styles, strengthened relationships, and self-confidence in new social settings can all be achieved with StudentKeys.

The StudentKeys Program provides critical soft skills learning for homeschool students.

Short and accurate assessments help identify a student’s natural learning, thinking, and communication strengths. Students often find the information about themselves to be eye opening. As students identify their own unique ways of examining and solving problems it not only confirms what they already know to be true, but it also reveals strengths they never knew they had. Information about oneself is a powerful tool that helps unlock learning potential and inspires the use and appreciation of a student’s natural gifts.

Home educators can use StudentKeys assessments as a springboard for career planning. The information revealed about a student’s unique communication and values style could help your student decide more realistically about a career path. The Career Choice Workbook explores the reasons why people with certain personality styles gravitate to and are more fulfilled by certain occupations than others.

Short and accurate assessments help identify a student’s natural and unique learning and thinking strengths so that students can make the best use of their study time. Through StudentKeys, students can discover how they take in new information through their senses and how they can best process that information. This helps students develop effective study habits targeted to their individual preferences that will help them make the most of their study time.

A student who understands how he/she is motivated differently will be able to recognize their strengths and limitations in certain social and professional situations. In a homeschool environment where independence is valued, it will also help students find the motivation they need to meet academic challenges and follow-through on projects.

Discussing the findings in the StudentKeys workbooks will encourage students to understand the ways their personality is similar to and different from that of their family and friends. The concepts discussed in these workbooks promote a student’s self-awareness, but also encourage understanding and empathy for others. With StudentKeys, homeschool students can learn to recognize different personality styles and better appreciate the perspectives of others.

The assessments included in the StudentKeys program are brief, precise, and highly validated. These assessments assist students, teachers, and parents in recognizing an individual student’s natural learning, thinking, and communication styles and aptitudes. Helping students and the people in their lives understand how a student learns and thinks, what comes easily to them and where they struggle is an essential first step in helping them learn. For students, becoming informed about their individual strengths can be illuminating and invigorating. No longer will they think that they just aren’t good at something, but rather will see that they have a unique skill set that allows them to easily accomplish some tasks, and causes them to approach others from a different angle. Empowered with information about themselves, students can facilitate their own education by understanding the problem solving approach that works best for them. It will not only affirm the strengths they were aware of, but

As students identify their own unique ways of examining and solving problems, it not only confirms their expressed abilities, it shows them the potential they have to utilize abilities they were previously unaware of. Armed with this self-knowledge, students can overcome adversity by employing strategies catered to their individual strengths and areas for improvement. This new found understanding will enable them to approach learning in an entirely new way, and will allow them to improve their understanding of educational materials through a better understanding of themselves.