Webinar Based Learning Initiative

PeopleKeys has had great success giving short and specific behavioral training sessions in webinar format. In these sessions, we try to apply one of our behavioral solutions, such as DISC, to a specific real world application. We create a different webinar schedule each year and are always open to suggestions on what areas you’d like us to cover.

For training, certification and accreditation in DISC, please see our Certified Behavioral Consultant and Certified Behavioral Life Coach certification packages. However, once trained in DISC, these sessions will allow you to learn practical application in a number of different areas.

DISC for the Real World Webinars Available On-Demand

  • More Winning!
  • How To Choose A Meeting Leader!
  • How to Deal with a Sandwich Thief
  • My Church Rocks!
  • Strategies For Fixing A Bad Day!
  • How To Plan The Best Vacation Ever
  • PeopleKeys 101
  • Trainers Toolbox #1
  • What Should I Charge?
  • Trainers Toolbox #2
  • The Workshop
  • Become A Better Test Taker
  • Dealing with C-Level Clients
  • “Go To Your Room!”
  • Effective Talent Management
  • Follow ME!
  • DISC for Coaching Teams
  • How To Beat Holiday Stress
  • Ask the Experts
  • Improving Workplace Communication
  • The Secret to Sales Success
  • The Science of Effective Hiring
  • Trainer’s Toolbox #2
  • The DISC Factor (Train the Trainer)
  • Managing Stress (Train the Trainer)
  • DISC Ninja (Train the Trainer)
  • Building More Effective Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Behavioral Selling
  • Relationship Recharge
  • DISC at Home
  • Thinking Styles & Values
  • Team Building
  • Unlocking Student Potential
  • Biblical DISC
  • Managing Stress

Behavioral Selling

Recognize your instinctive sales style as well as the buying styles of your customers. Learn how to adapt your selling style to meet the needs of your customers, allowing you to build rapport, influence others, and ultimately close more deals.

Stress Management

What may cause stress in one person may actually motivate someone else. Identify the causes of stress in your life and learn coping mechanisms based on your specific style.

Conflict Resolution

Learn the keys to communicating with different personality styles. Learn how to avoid conflict or resolve situations quickly and effectively. Discover people’s underlying fears and internal motivators and use this information to improve morale, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Unlocking Student Potential

Understanding how you learn and process information is the key to unlocking your learning potential. Students of all ages can benefit from understanding how they best process information which helps make learning and retaining information a breeze. Whether you are a parent who wants to help your children, a student looking for an easier way to make better grades, or a working professional who wants to advance your career, this is the class for you!

Team Building

Increase productivity by creating more effective teams and better understand what constitutes a well-rounded team in a given environment. Learn the secrets to improving communication, reducing conflict and increasing productivity in any team situation. Strong teams lead to better morale.

Leadership Development

Gain a greater understanding of what motivates you and those around you. Learn how to apply behavioral truths to maximize performance. Effectively maximize your leadership strengths and avoid the common leadership pitfalls associated with your style.

DISC Factor – Train the Trainer

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