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DISCovering the Birds

A Three Part Video Series in Collaboration with Velocity Advisory Group

About the Birds (DISC) Profile

Dan Silvert, President of Velocity, co-developed the iconic Birds/DISC Profile to stand out from the competition of ordinary DISC profiles. The Eagle(D), Parrot (I), Dove (S), and Owl (C) provide an easy-to-learn, visual representation of the DISC model that leaders can quickly recognize and understand. Dan worked with PeopleKeys to create a fully customized Velocity Birds/DISC report that is well-known and used throughout the business world.

Part 1: Getting to Know the Birds

In this short four-part series, Dan Silvert provides an introduction into the core traits of each bird style.

Get to Know the Eagle

Get to Know the Parrot

Get to Know the Dove

Get to Know the Owl

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