With today’s on-the-go, globalized world, we have seen rapid proliferation of mobile apps for every type of phone and every type of Personality Style. The saying “There’s and app for that” couldn’t be more true. And as we move into the busy new year, we are finding ourselves using our phones even more to navigate traffic, for productivity in using our time more wisely, for finding the best sales, and yes, for gaming – providing a relief from every day stress. Because our phones are always with us, apps become extensions of ourselves.

According to Statista.com, there are over two million apps for Google Play and Apple respectively and hundreds of thousands for Blackberry, Amazon, and Windows phones. A whopping 60,000 new apps are being added each month. According to TechCrunch.com, the average person spends at least five hours each day on their phone.

So with so many app-happy people out there, we thought we would take a minute to reflect on which type of app is most enjoyed by which type of DISC Personality Style.

D – Dominant-Style People

Branch Messenger Work Schedule App ‚Äì you work in a leadership role and this app will make that a breeze. You can manage schedules of yourself and coworkers, discuss topics in groups and manage shifts. As a dominate personality you don’t let time go wasted and this app will keep you on top of your own, and everyone else’s, schedules.

Planner Pro Daily Calendar – this is another app that will help with time management. But unlike the Branch Messenger Work Schedule this app will help you breakdown your own tasks. This is not just a digital planner but it can track to do lists by tasks, projects, statuses or subtasks. You can also take notes as you go along and the entire app will sync to all your devices.

I – Influential-Style People

Snapchat – you love talking with others but unlike the S Personality, your conversations are often less conversational and more sporadic. You want something quick and easy that will give you the availability to talk to one person, or everyone on your contacts list. The perfect app? Snapchat. You love social media and this is the best app to show off your personality with Bitmojis and your creative side with the filters, captions and drawing options. This also gives you the option to just send it to your story because you love the attention this app allows.

Reports ‚Äì you love to boost your followers and likes. This app does just that. Report allows you a free list of followers, unfollowers, those who don’t follow you back and those you don’t follow back. You can also get a list of people who “stalk” your profile and those who have blocked you for additional fees. You love having far over 100 likes and this app will help you do just that.

S – Supportive-Style People

Groupme ‚Äì You love having meaningful conversations with anyone who needs to talk it out. Unlike the D Personality, you can always shy away from just the ‚Äòbusiness talk’ and unlike the I Personality, your conversations are all about providing a support system. Groupme will do just that. You can have group conversations even when not everyone has the iPhone. You can also have multiple groups going on at once.

Viber ‚Äì Viber is similar to Groupme and is all about the conversation. However, you can also have video calls for those people you don’t get to see as often in person.

Facebook ‚Äì You like the ability to keep up with all your friends. Facebook is a great place to see what everyone is sharing. Whether that’s new jobs, family photos or the inevitable friend and family get togethers.

C – Compliant-Style People

LinkedIn ‚Äì when it comes to your career, you’re a complete perfectionist. This makes you an automatic guru for a LinkedIn app. With this app you’re not forced to look through hundreds of photos from peers. You don’t have to see that the girl in the corner office got a little crazy after work last Friday. You have contacts at your fingertips without the hassle of looking through everything else.

Schedule Planner DIGI 117 LTD – you refuse to waste your time without results and this app lets you do just that. The planner not only lets you plan out your entire day, but it tracks how much time it takes to complete each task. This way you know what to cut back and what items on your to do list may take a little more time. You will also have daily percentages and other statistics about your time spent in multiple forms.

“Personality Snapshot” App ‚Äì For All DISC Personality Styles

PeopleKeys recommends you try PeopleKeys new mobile app “Personality Snapshot” which uses the DISC Personality Profile to deliver Personality Insight in short, fun reports direct to your mobile.

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PeopleKeys CEO says the app is a fun and free tool for work or simply to start conversations. “We wanted to give our valued clients a fun and free mobile app that they could use with family and friends. In addition, we want them to use the app to promote their own coaching and training enterprises with fun, insightful behavioral wisdom.”

CEO, Sandy Kulkin thinks it is perfect for conversation starters, “launching the app just before the holidays was intended for us to enable clients to share an enjoyable minute with friends and colleagues reviewing these light-hearted short reports. In addition, everyone who downloads the app will get in-app exclusive discounts to use on PeopleKeys storefronts.”

If you haven’t already downloaded the “Personality Snapshot” app, you can learn more about it here, or download it in the app store on iOS and Android devices.

Making room in your storage? Make sure to make some room for the Personality “Snapshot” and the other apps that will sync with your DISC Personality.