The I-Style

Influential, Inducing, Impulsive

The I Style in your Organization
General Characteristics Value to Team Possible Weaknesses
Enthusiastic Creative problem solver More concerned with popularity than tangible results
Trusting, Optimistic Great encourager Inattentive to detail
Persuasive, Talkative Motivates others to achieve Overuses gestures and facial expressions
Impulsive, Emotional Positive sense of humor Tends to listen only when it’s convenient
  Negotiates conflicts, Peacemaker  
Greatest Fear: Rejection

General Description

People with strong I-personality styles are very talkative, enthusiastic, and optimistic. They thrive on fun experiences and being around other people. The I-style will talk to a complete stranger and is not afraid to be the center of attention. They tend to be both trusting and optimistic. Because they can get people on their side very quickly and can talk their way in and out of most things, the “I” style is known to be both persuasive and influential.  They tend to be somewhat emotional and at times very spontaneous or impulsive.

Greatest Fear:

The I personality type has an innate fear of being rejected by others. As a result, they go out of their way to be fun, outgoing, and likable.

Motivated By:

  • Flattery and praise
  • Popularity and acceptance
  • A friendly environment
  • Freedom from many rules and regulations
  • Other people to handle the details
  • Creativity

When Communicating with an I-Style Personality:

Communication Do’s Communication Don’ts
Give them opportunity to verbalize about ideas, people, and their intuition. Do all the talking
Assist them in developing ways to transfer talk into action. Create incentives for following through on tasks. Submit details in writing. Tell them what to do. They are independent and creative. They can make it work.

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