Validation & Reliability

At PeopleKeys, we are committed to providing DISC and other behavioral tools that you can rely on. To honor that commitment, we adhere to the highest industry standards for validating the accuracy of our products. All of the products and assessments we offer are based on thorough research and testing in the field, with technicians in our offices, and through independent agencies.

Validation is a process for measuring the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of a testing instrument. At PeopleKeys, we never launch a product without first gathering practical and theoretical research to validate that it works as advertised. We have conducted countless internal studies, and have worked closely with independent agencies to run specialized reliability and validation tests to confirm the results of our research.

Validation Studies

Use the links below to learn more information on the testing and validation of PeopleKeys DISC and other behavioral assessments.

    2019 PeopleKeys 4D International Statistical Analysis Report

    Larry R. Price, Ph.D.

    2018 DISC Technical Supplement

    Larry R. Price, Ph.D.

    2015 DISC Validation Study

    Larry R. Price, Ph.D.

    Validation Study at LeTourneau University

    Dr. William Hensel

    Student Retention Study at Eastern University

    Dr. Laurie A. Schreiner

    Organizational Factors related to Improving Quality of Patient Care: Technical Report of the Celtic Healthcare Survey

    Larry R. Price, Ph.D. and Bradley Smith, Ph.D.