I Personality Style

Influential, Inspiring, Interactive

The I personality style is characterized by individuals who are influential, inspiring, and interactive. They thrive on social interactions, seek opportunities to inspire others, and enjoy being at the center of social gatherings.
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The I-Style at a Glance


General Characteristics

I personalities are often described as the life of the party. They are outgoing, sociable, and enthusiastic individuals thriving on interaction, collaboration, and relationships.


Possible Strengths

I styles have great communication skills, are relationship builders, and help foster a positive atmosphere. Can be inspirational to others.

Possible Weaknesses

Tendency to prioritize socializing over tasks, leading to potential time management challenges. May struggle with attention to detail and could benefit from focusing on task completion.

I-style individuals, known for their sociable and lively nature, often approach challenges with infectious energy, turning work into a social event.

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Interacting with the I Style

When engaging with individuals with a prominent I personality, it’s vital to match their enthusiasm and sociability. Create a warm and friendly atmosphere, allowing for open conversations and sharing of ideas. Be attentive to their need for social connections, and provide opportunities for group interactions. Be prepared for a lively and energetic discussion, filled with anecdotes and personal stories. Recognize and appreciate their creativity, and encourage a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely. Building a relationship with an I-style individual involves demonstrating genuine interest, maintaining a positive outlook, and actively participating in social interactions.

I Style in Social Settings

I-style individuals are natural social butterflies, thriving in environments where they can interact with others. They bring energy and enthusiasm to social gatherings, making them enjoyable and memorable. Their ability to connect with people makes them excellent communicators, and they often excel in roles that involve networking, public speaking, and team collaboration. However, it’s important for I-style individuals to balance their sociability with a focus on task completion and time management. When effectively managed, the I personality’s social strengths can contribute to vibrant and cohesive team dynamics.
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I Style Goals

Individuals with the I personality style are motivated by the desire to create positive social connections and make a lasting impact on others. Their goals often revolve around building relationships, inspiring others, and contributing to a positive and lively atmosphere. I-style individuals thrive on recognition and enjoy being in the spotlight. Whether in the workplace or personal life, they are driven by the opportunity to connect with others and create a sense of shared enthusiasm. Their inherent sociability and charisma make them natural influencers, as they actively pursue goals with a people-focused, engaging approach.

Collaborating with I Style Personalities

Effectively working with individuals with a dominant I personality involves embracing their strengths while encouraging a task-oriented focus. Acknowledge and leverage their exceptional communication skills in team interactions, and provide platforms for them to showcase their inspiring ideas. Foster an environment where creativity is valued, and encourage collaboration through group activities. While appreciating their sociable nature, establish clear expectations regarding task completion and time management. By combining the strengths of the I personality with a results-oriented mindset, teams can achieve a harmonious blend of creativity and productivity.
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Frequently Asked I Style Personality Questions

What does the I personality contribute to a team?

The I styles are naturally creative problem solvers who can think outside of the box. They are great at encouraging and motivating others to take action. They keep environments positive with their enthusiasm, optimism, and cheerful sense of humor. They will go out of their way to keep things light, avoid and negotiate conflict, and keep the peace.

The I type personality is likely not good with detail. They are more concerned with people and popularity than with tangible results and organization. It’s also possible that they are not great listeners and may give the impression of waiting to speak instead of genuinely listening to what someone else is saying. In some cases, gestures and facial expressions are overly used.

What does the high I personality desire?

I styles desire acceptance and social esteem. They desire recognition for being creative, their ability to motivate and influence, and especially for their sense of humor. They want to be around others and desire environments to be positive and even fun, both at work and socially.

What is the greatest fear of I styles?

Since others acceptance and approval is the primary desire of I styles, rejection is their biggest fear.

What is the ideal environment for the I type personality?

Type I personalities require a place that does not feel rigid and controlled. They are happiest with few conflicts and arguments, where there are other people around, and some level of flexibility. They do not like focusing on details or spending a lot of time alone. They need a forum to express ideas and love group activities in professional and social environments.

What should one remember not to do when working with an I personality?

Don’t eliminate social time, as this is a very motivating factor for them. Don’t do all the talking or strictly tell I DISC types what to do. You’ll miss the opportunity to hear about their ideas and creative solutions to problems. When providing feedback, don’t react to them in a way that makes them feel rejected. Feeling rejected by others is the greatest fear of the I personality profile and will result in their feeling insecure instead of playing to their strengths.

What is a high I DISC Style likely to do when working with details or when analyzing information?

I types are likely to lose concentration when too many details are present. They may overlook important information and facts. On the other hand, when analyzing data, I personalities can be very creative problem solvers and should not be left out of the process.

What positive characteristics does the I personality type possess when in teams?

I personality types are spontaneous communicators and participative managers who can both influence and inspire others. They are intuitive and agreeable, and very motivating when in a team or group. They deal with change well and respond well to the unexpected, often putting a positive spin on any negative factors. Their enthusiasm makes them a focal point amongst others and provides them leadership opportunities. They express ideas well, work well with others, and are not afraid to offer opinions. I styles make great spokespeople, are persuasive, and are known for their positive attitude. They accomplish goals through a sense of humor and influencing people. They are extremely accepting of others and are strong leaders in brainstorming sessions.

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