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PeopleKeys is a globally recognized expert in human behavior with more than 35 years of experience in behavioral analysis and facilitating the use of DISC in businesses of all sizes to utilize the positives of personality in the workplace. PeopleKeys specializes in understanding behavior and helping its clients to unlock their human potential in any environment through DISC assessment and DISC training. DISC training compliments DISC profiling, whether by taking the PeopleKeys® DISC personality test or 4D Report (DISC, TEAMS, Values, and BAI), by improving communication, building self-awareness, reducing workplace conflict, and leading to more productive teamwork in the workplace. Additionally, PeopleKeys’ global network of trainers and international representatives can meet your needs locally, whether by facilitating DISC training courses, webinars on DISC behavioral analysis, DISC certification, or DISC assessments in your organization.

Hiring a PeopleKeys consultant to facilitate DISC training in your organization can be the first step in the right direction to assess the current state of your organization and work team communication, and develop a clear plan of where you want to be. Consultation, DISC training, and PeopleKeys’ customized DISC assessment solutions can meet almost any need that may arise within your organization.

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View the biographies of PeopleKeys’ top tier trainers here:

Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder, PeopleKeys, Inc.
Founder, Institute for Motivational Living


Bradley P. Smith, Ph.D

President & Co-founder,
PeopleKeys, Inc.


John Schindell

Director of Training & Communication,
PeopleKeys, Inc.


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