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Maximize your organization’s potential with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer—a leading expert in applying DISC and behavioral analysis. Cultivate a collaborative and diverse workplace culture for heightened productivity.

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What Makes a PeopleKeys Master Trainer Stand Out?

A PeopleKeys Master Trainer stands out due to their advanced expertise in the PeopleKeys methodology and its applications.

Unparalled Expertise

PeopleKeys Master Trainers have the deepest understanding of DISC, behavioral analysis, and advanced training techniques.


Client Success

Their expertise enables them to create highly effective and customized training programs that deliver outstanding results.


PeopleKeys Master Trainers are leaders in the field of DISC behavioral analysis, actively shaping industry standards and driving trends.


They have the skills to mentor and educate other coaches and trainers, contributing to the growth and development of the profession.
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The exclusive Master Trainer title, awarded to the highest level of PeopleKeys trainers, offers credibility and trustworthiness.


Professional Recognition

Master Trainers receive industry-wide recognition for their outstanding contributions that distinguish them as key authorities in DISC.

PeopleKeys Master Trainers

Hiring a PeopleKeys Master Trainer to facilitate DISC training in your organization can be the first step in the right direction to assess the current state of your organization and work team communication, and develop a clear plan of where you want to be. Consultation, DISC training, and PeopleKeys’ customized DISC assessment solutions can meet almost any need that may arise within your organization.
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Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder

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Bradley P. Smith, Ph.D.

President & Co-founder

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John Schindell

Director of Training

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In-Person Training

Embark on a transformative journey with in-person training sessions expertly guided by a seasoned PeopleKeys Master Trainer. Rooted in a philosophy of meaningful face-to-face interaction, this immersive approach transcends traditional methods, sparking immediate synergy and fostering genuine collaboration.

Designed for organizations spanning multiple locations with the opportunity for in-person gatherings, this unique training format provides invaluable opportunities for teams to connect, exchange insights, and cultivate enduring connections. Elevate your team dynamics and nurture a culture of continuous improvement through the tangible and impactful experiences gained from the power of in-person training.

Our PeopleKeys Master Trainers bring their expertise directly to you, offering in-person sessions available for travel within the continental United States. Experience the transformative impact of our trainers at your location, tailored to elevate your team’s dynamics and drive lasting results.

Virtual Training

Efficiently tackle the complexities presented by diverse work locations and time zones through the utilization of live online training—a pragmatic and cost-effective solution that empowers your teams. This forward-thinking approach not only liberates participants from the constraints of physical presence but also seamlessly aligns with the efficiency and engagement levels of traditional in-person training.

The strategic choice of live online training proves to be a savvy solution that adeptly overcomes geographical barriers, providing a potent bridge for fostering effective knowledge and skill growth across various team locations. By breaking down the limitations imposed by physical distances, this innovative training method ensures that your teams can engage in a collaborative and impactful learning experience, irrespective of their disparate geographic locations. Embrace the flexibility and accessibility afforded by live online training to create a cohesive and knowledgeable workforce that can thrive regardless of time zone differences.

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The Pinnacle of PeopleKeys Expertise

A PeopleKeys Master Trainer represents the pinnacle of our training expertise. Renowned for consistently surpassing expectations, our Master Trainers not only meet but exceed training standards, fostering a deep and comprehensive understanding within organizations.

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Goals & Objectives of Training

In-House vs Virtual Options

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Frequently Asked Master Trainer Questions

What qualifications does a PeopleKeys Master Trainer hold?

A PeopleKeys Master Trainer is above a PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant and holds the highest qualifications through comprehensive training and certification in the PeopleKeys methodology. This includes a deep understanding of personality assessments, behavioral analysis, and effective communication strategies.

How can a PeopleKeys Master Trainer benefit organizations?

Organizations benefit from a PeopleKeys Master Trainer by gaining access to a seasoned professional who can apply PeopleKeys tools to enhance team dynamics, communication, and overall organizational effectiveness. Their expertise contributes to improved collaboration and productivity.

What types of training can a PeopleKeys Master Trainer provide?

A PeopleKeys Master Trainer can deliver a wide range of training sessions, workshops, and seminars. These may cover areas such as personality assessments, team building, communication skills, leadership development, and personal growth, tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

How can I connect with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer?

Individuals or organizations interested in connecting with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer can reach out through this form or contact the PeopleKeys support team. This allows for a personalized discussion to understand specific needs and tailor a program that aligns with the desired outcomes.

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