DISC Solutions for Church & Ministry

Faith-Based Assessments

PeopleKeys faith-based assessments enable church and ministry leaders to accurately assess the strengths and gifts of their people, align them to ministries and volunteer opportunities, and match them into small groups or cohorts.
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Help Your Ministry Grow Effectively

Having your staff, volunteers, and congregation take individual ownership of goals is vital to the growth and success of any ministry. PeopleKeys has been instrumental in helping churches and ministries of all sizes to reach the next level.

Volunteer Recruitment

Place volunteers in positions that align with their strengths, resulting in greater satisfaction and productivity.

Team Dynamics Optimization

Identify the unique behavioral styles of individuals within a church or ministry team.

Leadership Development

Evaluate the leadership styles of pastors, ministers, or other key leaders within the faith community.

Communication Enhancement

Gain insights into communication styles, enabling pastors, leaders, and volunteers to tailor their messages to be more resonant with their audience.


Strategic Planning

Assessments can inform strategic planning by identifying the collective behavioral strengths of the team to better align strategic goals.

Counseling & Support

Understanding DISC profiles can help enhance the effectiveness of pastoral care by addressing the unique needs of each person.

Trusted by thousands of churches & ministries wordwide

Thousands of Churches & Ministries Trust PeopleKeys

I was trained by Dr. Kulkin many years ago, and as a pastor/counselor, I refuse to do pre-marital or marriage counseling until after they take the DISC.”

Dr. Tom Barrett

Pastor & Marriage Counselor

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Enhance Your Understanding of Your Community

When tackling challenges related to the growth of your church or ministry, consider the transformative impact of PeopleKeys’ faith-based solutions. Our tailored program prioritizes strategic staff positioning and the cultivation of spiritual gifts, ensuring that each member’s unique talents are not only recognized but also effectively nurtured within the team.

Incorporating PeopleKeys assessments into the hiring process enables you to bring on individuals who seamlessly complement your team, fostering a cohesive and harmonious working environment. By leveraging the insights provided by our assessments, you can strategically align your team with shared goals and the overarching mission, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your church member retention strategies.

Empower your church or ministry with informed decisions that propel positive development and foster a community where each member contributes meaningfully to the collective mission.

The Right People Serving in the Right Roles

Consider the fundamental question: Are the right individuals occupying the most suitable roles within your church or ministry? The effectiveness of your organization’s success hinges on whether it operates as a cohesive team, where individuals synergize like birds of a feather, or relies on the distinct contributions of select individuals, much like eagles that soar alone.

To address this critical aspect, PeopleKeys assessments delve into numerous behavioral traits, offering a comprehensive analysis to help you discern the key elements necessary for success in your ministry.

By leveraging PeopleKeys assessments, you gain valuable insights that go beyond surface qualifications. These assessments enable you to make strategic decisions in hiring both full or part-time staff and placing volunteers in positions that align with their strengths and spiritual gifts.

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Backed by Over 35 Years of Research

Our validated and accredited solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of churches and ministries, providing actionable insights into areas such as leadership development, team dynamics, and member engagement.

Become a Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC)

Our Christian-focused online certification course enables you to master your understanding and interpreting DISC.

Behavior Analysis & Faith Principles

Fully Online & Self-Paced Course

Understand Strengths & Gifts of Individuals

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Frequently Asked Faith-Based Solutions Questions

How can PeopleKeys assessments benefit our church or ministry?

PeopleKeys assessments provide valuable insights into individual and team dynamics, enabling better understanding, improved communication, and effective leadership within your church or ministry.

How can PeopleKeys help with conflict resolution in our church or ministry?

PeopleKeys assessments provide insights into the root causes of conflicts by understanding individual communication styles. The program offers strategies to proactively address and resolve conflicts within your faith community.

Is PeopleKeys suitable for training pastors and church leaders?

Absolutely. PeopleKeys offers resources specifically designed for pastors and leaders, focusing on enhancing their communication skills, leadership capabilities, and overall effectiveness in guiding and serving the congregation. We highly suggest starting with our Certified Behavioral Consultant – Christian course.

Can PeopleKeys Faith-Based Solutions be used for outreach and engagement with our congregation?

Absolutely. By understanding the collective personality profile of your congregation, you can tailor messages, programs, and events to resonate with their preferences, enhancing outreach and engagement strategies.

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