DISC Solutions for Church & Ministry

PeopleKeys faith-based assessments enable church and ministry leaders to accurately assess the strengths and gifts of their people, align them to ministries and volunteer opportunities, and match them into small groups or cohorts. They also enable organizations to effectively hire and place the right church leaders and retain their top people.

Help Your Ministry Grow Effectively

Having your staff, volunteers, and congregation take individual ownership of goals is vital to the growth and success of any ministry. PeopleKeys has been instrumental in helping churches and ministries of all sizes to reach the next level.

Hiring & Volunteer Placement

Fulfill your ministry by placing employees and volunteers to their strengths and spiritual gifts.

Church & Ministry Team Building

Is your team all pulling in the same direction and aligned with your goals?

Church & Ministry Leadership Development

Increase your effectiveness as a leader with PeopleKeys leadership development tools.

Are the Right People Serving in the Right Places?

Is the success of your church or ministry based on the work your people do as a team (birds of a feather flock together) or is it based on the individual efforts of a select few (the eagles who soar alone)? PeopleKeys® assessments look at dozens of behavioral traits to help you determine the key elements for success in your ministry, and applying them to hire full or part-time staff or effectively place volunteers to their strengths and spiritual gifts.

Occupational performance benchmarks, used alongside the results of PeopleKeys® assessments, provide accurate readings on a candidate’s individual work style, motivation, communication skills, relative strengths, and overall value.

Start Better Understanding Your People

If you are not satisfied with your church or ministry’s growth, ask yourself the following questions: Do you have the right staff serving in the right places? Are you effectively developing spiritual gifts within your ministry? Do you have a hiring model in place that always finds the best people to complement your team? Are you satisfied with the retention of church members? Is your team all pulling in the same direction and aligned with your goals?