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PeopleKeys embraces the latest, robust technologies to provide our partners and distributors with the most customizable behavioral solutions and best end-user experience in the marketplace today.

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PeopleKeys Partnerships at a Glance

Partnering with PeopleKeys provides access to industry-leading expertise and customizable solutions tailored to your organization’s needs, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage and drive success.


Best Pricing in Industry

PeopleKeys collaborates with partners worldwide, offering user-friendly, cost-effective, and premium-quality DISC products for seamless distribution and mutual success.


Highly Validated & Accredited

With a solid foundation from over 35 years of dedicated research, PeopleKeys offers some of the market’s most rigorously validated and accredited tools.


Customizable & Flexible

Organizations can benefit from personalized solutions that seamlessly integrate into their workflows, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in leveraging behavioral insights.

Elevating Human Understanding

At PeopleKeys, we are dedicated to transforming the way individuals and organizations comprehend human behavior. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have crafted a mission and vision that guide our endeavors and shape our aspirations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to market and distribute user-friendly, cost effective, high-quality DISC products to partners worldwide.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the largest international publisher and distributor of customized DISC profiles and related materials.

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Coach & Consultant Partnership

As a coach or consultant, you hold a pivotal role in guiding individuals and organizations toward self-discovery and growth. Begin your journey by becoming DISC certified and completing our Certified Behavioral Consultant course. This foundation equips you to apply and understand PeopleKeys products, providing a solid base for scaling your business.

Enjoy complimentary access to our business portal, with no annual or monthly fees. Easily administer and distribute assessments, white-label your reports, and take advantage of special pricing on assessments.

Experience personalized support, specialized training, and exclusive materials that empower you to bring out the best in your clients. Align yourself with a leader in behavioral analysis and elevate your coaching practice to new heights with PeopleKeys.

High-Volume Business Partnership

Tailored for businesses needing comprehensive solutions at scale, our High-Volume Business Partnership is designed to match your unique needs, particularly if you conduct over 100 assessments annually.

Access benefits such as special rates for extensive usage as you seamlessly integrate DISC into your organization. Simplify assessment management and distribution through our business portal, including the ability to create sub-accounts for different offices or departments.

Leverage our expertise to enhance team dynamics, refine communication, and drive performance across your organization. Our focus on scalability and efficiency ensures that your high-volume requirements are not only met but exceeded, positioning PeopleKeys as your strategic ally in fostering a thriving workplace.

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Distributor Partnership

Step into a pivotal role as a distributor with our Distributor Partnership program, unlocking the potential to distribute cutting-edge DISC solutions.

As a distributor, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to our highly validated and accredited DISC products, establishing yourself as the go-to authority for top-notch behavioral analysis tools. We’re actively seeking distributors in markets where our presence is not yet prominent, making this a prime opportunity for you to make a significant impact.

Access a rich assortment of customizable materials, receive robust marketing support, and engage in a partnership meticulously crafted to propel your success. Join forces with PeopleKeys to empower individuals and organizations globally with invaluable insights into human behavior.

Technology & Licensing Partnership

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, our Technology & Licensing Partnership opens doors to innovative possibilities.

As a technology partner, you join forces with PeopleKeys, a leader in behavioral analysis. Together, we co-create cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize how individuals and organizations understand and optimize their potential.

PeopleKeys boasts exceptional licensing opportunities, offering you a gateway to a robust intellectual property portfolio with over 100 copyrights. Our company holds multiple granted patents, including one for pioneering algorithms that adeptly match both soft and hard skills, transforming the hiring process by identifying optimal candidates.

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