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StudentKeys is designed to help students flourish in school, career, and life by identifying and encouraging their natural personal strengths in several critical areas. Students gain insight into how they communicate, learn, think and make decisions.

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The Key to Understanding Your Students

A deeper understanding of your students, coupled with their enhanced self-awareness, serves as a foundation for their success in school and beyond.

Personal Growth

Students gain insights into their own personality traits, communication styles, and behavior.

Improved Communication Skills

Students acquire skills to help communicate more effectively with peers, teachers, and parents.


Tailored Learning Strategies

Adapt teaching methods to better match students’ preferred ways of learning, helping to improve performance.

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Career Readiness

Provides insights into potential career paths and workplace dynamics based on personality traits.

Strengthen Collaboration

Builds awareness of diverse personalities within a group, promoting effective teamwork.

Goal Setting & Decision Making

Encourages thoughtful decision-making by considering personal preferences and potential challenges.

Trusted by thousands of educators wordwide

Applications of StudentKeys

StudentKeys is a simple, yet profound program focusing upon personal “strengths” that applies the information to everyday communicating and learning situations that can be adapted for various applications including homeschooling, high school, and higher education.



Home educators can use StudentKeys assessments as a springboard for career planning. The information revealed about a student’s unique communication and values style could help a student decide a suitable career path.


High School

High school educators can use StudentKeys assessments in the program binder or online report to identify a student’s natural learning, thinking, values, and strengths, leading to insightful self-discovery for the majority of students.


College & University

The StudentKeys system binder or Student Strengths online report assist to academically and socially integrate students in their first year of college by helping them identify and enhance their learning and communication styles.
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The StudentKeys Program

StudentKeys represents a series of short, accurate, self-scoring assessments designed to identify and enhance communication, learning, motivation, and career choices in students. It is a simple, yet profound program focusing upon personal “strengths,” then applying that information to everyday communicating and learning situations.

StudentKeys utilizes six self-interpreting workbooks that parents, teachers, and counselors can review with a student independently or in small groups.

Students who can recognize their strengths early on, will be better prepared to make life’s most critical decisions. Studies have proven that students who used StudentKeys during freshman orientation are more likely to return to their sophomore year than students who did not use StudentKeys in orientation.

Why Use Strengths?

The StudentKeys Program, developed by PeopleKeys, was designed to identify soft-skill strengths in young people. Many college campuses as well as corporations are embracing “strengths” as a concept to fuel “ownership” of individual and corporate success. The emphasis in many institutions today is to identify student and employee “strengths” then give individuals opportunities to confirm their strengths through work or class endeavors. This innovative approach to empowering people is commonly called a “strength-based” approach.

Additionally, higher education has typically concentrated on a remedial approach. Student assessments historically identified deficits and then programs were developed to remediate and correct the limitations of the student–focusing on their weaknesses and ignoring their strengths. Strength-based approaches to communicating, learning, motivating, and making career decisions focus upon the positive qualities of the individual and how to enhance, encourage and maximize those areas.

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A Trusted Choice for Thousands of Educators

PeopleKeys is trusted by thousands of high schools, higher education institutions, and home educators. Its widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness in providing valuable insights and personalized support for diverse learning environments.

StudentKeys Leader’s Binder

The Leader’s Binder is the perfect tool for facilitators to unlock student potential with DISC.

Uncover students' unique traits and strengths

Tailor guidance to individual needs

Enhance teacher-student interaction

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Frequently Asked StudentKeys Questions

What is StudentKeys?

StudentKeys is a comprehensive program offering short, accurate assessments for high school counselors and educators. It includes both a program binder and an online report to identify a student’s natural learning style, thinking patterns, values, and strengths, fostering insightful self-discovery.

Who uses StudentKeys?

StudentKeys is utilized by high school counselors, educators, and home educators across various educational institutions. It caters to those seeking valuable insights into students’ learning styles and strengths for a more personalized and effective educational approach.

How can StudentKeys benefit educators in a classroom setting?

StudentKeys equips educators with valuable insights into students’ learning styles and strengths, enabling them to tailor their teaching strategies for maximum effectiveness. This personalized approach fosters a more inclusive and engaging classroom environment, leading to improved student outcomes and satisfaction.

How is DISC used by students?

DISC, integrated into StudentKeys, helps students understand their communication and behavior styles. This self-awareness fosters improved interpersonal relationships, effective collaboration, and enhanced communication skills. It equips students with valuable insights applicable in both academic and personal settings.

Why use strengths?

Leveraging strengths through StudentKeys provides a personalized approach to education. Identifying and building on individual strengths enhances self-confidence, motivation, and academic performance. This tailored approach empowers students to navigate challenges and fosters a positive and successful learning experience.

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