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Elevate Your Government Entity

PeopleKeys offers tailored DISC solutions for professionals working within government agencies to help you understand and optimize team dynamics, enhance communication, and foster effective leadership within your organization.

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Benefitting Local, State & Federal Entities

Understanding the behavioral tendencies of your team members is crucial for success in governmental settings. PeopleKeys provides insights and tools to tailor your approach, fostering collaboration and maximizing efficiency in achieving organizational goals.

Strategic Growth Solutions

Elevate your government agency with PeopleKeys’ transformative DISC solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced in public service.

Team Dynamics Optimization

Gain valuable insights and tools to analyze and help foster better team dynamics within government agencies.


Tailored Solutions Integration

Integrate into existing methodologies, enhancing strategic planning, leadership development, and other initiatives tailored to the public sector.


Proven Measurable Results

Experience a positive return including higher employee engagement, productivity, and performance within government agencies.


Decision-Making Empowerment

Select tools for impactful results within government agencies, choosing resources that align with your agency’s mission and contribute to its success.


Enhance Credibility

Enhance your agency’s credibility with advanced DISC tools, positioning your organization as forward-thinking and impactful in serving the public.

Trusted by local, state, and federal government entities


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The DISC certification course was excellent, and your stories definitely helped in giving clarity to the application of the information provided.

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Executive Officer, NNSA – Livermore Field Office
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Maximize Your Understanding with DISC Certification

Many professionals working within the government sector can elevate their expertise by becoming a PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC). Our certification program offers in-depth knowledge and skills to effectively utilize DISC assessments within government settings, enhancing your ability to serve the public efficiently.

Access the most validated and comprehensive DISC tools in the market, exclusive CBC discounts for ongoing cost-effectiveness, and quick customer support whenever needed. Gain access to extensive training resources to excel in your role within the public sector and stay updated with the latest advancements in behavior-based analysis.

Customize Reports to Reinforce Your Agency’s Identity

Enhance your agency’s effectiveness with PeopleKeys’ top-tier DISC assessments, and reinforce your brand identity by white-labeling your reports. Customized reports not only distinguish your agency from others but also strengthen your agency’s identity, increasing public trust and confidence. With PeopleKeys, government agencies can access a complimentary business account, enabling full branding customization without additional fees, streamlining assessment administration, and adding significant value to public service initiatives.
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Backed by Over 35 Years of Research

Our validated and accredited DISC solutions address specific assessment tools, training, and technology needs within government agencies. The patented PeopleKeys Predictive AI™ process revolutionizes hiring, training, and talent management strategies.

Easily Manage & Distribute Your Assessments

From purchasing to distributing assessments to your departments, PeopleKeys is easy to implement.

Streamline Assessment Management

Add Your Agency's Branding to Your Reports

No Annual or Monthly Portal Fees

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Frequently Asked Government Questions

What types of assessments does PeopleKeys offer for government agencies?

PeopleKeys offers a range of assessments tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies, including DISC assessments for understanding behavioral styles, team dynamics assessments for improving collaboration and communication, leadership assessments for identifying and developing effective leaders, and job benchmarking assessments for optimizing talent selection and development. Our assessments are customizable and scalable, enabling agencies to address diverse workforce challenges and objectives.

How can PeopleKeys assessments benefit our government agency?

PeopleKeys assessments provide valuable insights into individuals’ behaviors, communication styles, and workplace preferences. By understanding these dynamics, government agencies can enhance team collaboration, improve leadership effectiveness, and optimize employee engagement. Additionally, assessments help in talent acquisition, succession planning, and conflict resolution, ultimately contributing to organizational productivity and mission success.

Are PeopleKeys assessments compliant with government regulations and standards?

Yes, PeopleKeys assessments adhere to industry best practices and comply with relevant government regulations, including those related to data privacy and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). Our assessments are designed and validated using rigorous scientific methodologies to ensure fairness, reliability, and validity. We prioritize ethical practices and maintain strict confidentiality of assessment data, aligning with government requirements and standards.

How can our government agency ensure data security and confidentiality when using PeopleKeys assessments?

Data security and confidentiality are paramount concerns for government agencies, and PeopleKeys is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. As the only ISO 27001:2017 certified DISC assessment provider, we prioritize data protection, setting the benchmark for security in behavioral assessments.

Our platform utilizes robust encryption protocols, secure hosting infrastructure, and access controls to safeguard assessment data against unauthorized access. Additionally, we comply with industry-leading security certifications and undergo regular audits to ensure compliance with stringent security standards. Rest assured, your agency’s data is protected with PeopleKeys.

How can we integrate PeopleKeys assessments into our government agency's existing processes?

PeopleKeys assessments can seamlessly integrate into your existing processes by incorporating them into various stages of recruitment, team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution initiatives. Assessments can be utilized during recruitment to identify the best-fit candidates, integrated into training programs to enhance self-awareness and team dynamics, and employed during conflict resolution processes to improve communication and understanding among team members.

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