DISC Certification & Training Courses

PeopleKeys DISC certification program offers in-depth training on the behavioral model of human behavior, empowering you to use behavioral assessments in various environments.

By becoming a certified DISC facilitator through our online course, you’ll gain the credentials and expertise to demonstrate your advanced understanding of behavioral analysis and the DISC model to clients, employers, or employees. PeopleKeys DISC certification courses are designed to help you stand out in your field and become a trusted advisor in your industry.

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PeopleKeys certification is highly rated and industry-recognized, at an unmatched price point.

At Your Own Pace

Take as long as you need to complete. Many busy professionals complete the course over a weekend.

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Benefits of Certification by Profession

As a coach or consultant, your goal is to help your clients achieve their objectives and succeed in their personal or professional lives. To do this effectively, it is crucial that you have the right tools and knowledge to guide them towards growth and change. Becoming a PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant provides you with a significant edge in your career, helping stand out as a credible and competent professional.

By becoming a PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the DISC personality assessment model and its applications. This understanding not only enables you to assess and understand your clients’ personalities, but also to tailor your coaching and consulting strategies to their individual needs and communication styles. This not only leads to more effective and efficient sessions but also a better understanding and relationship with your clients.

DISC certification from PeopleKeys can help you strengthen your credibility as a coach or consultant. By demonstrating your expertise and commitment to ongoing professional development, you are showing your clients that you are dedicated to providing them with the best possible service. This can help you increase your revenue by attracting more clients and retaining existing ones.

So, if you’re looking to take your coaching or consulting career to the next level, PeopleKeys DISC certification is the way to go. With the knowledge and credibility it provides, you can set yourself apart from others in your field and help your clients achieve their goals more effectively.

As a manager, effective communication and working with a diverse group of people are essential skills. DISC certification by PeopleKeys provides the tools and skills to navigate these relationships with ease.

DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that offers insights into an individual’s communication and work styles. By gaining certification, managers can learn about their own tendencies and those of their colleagues, resulting in improved communication and stronger relationships.

DISC provides managers with a common language to discuss behavioral styles with their team, leading to better communication and understanding. Obtaining certification can help identify and address potential conflicts, promoting a positive work environment.

PeopleKeys is widely recognized and respected in the business world. Becoming certified demonstrates a commitment to professional development and enhances a manager’s reputation within the organization and beyond.

Whether you are leading a team, working with clients, or collaborating with stakeholders, this certification provides the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. 

DISC certification provides an in-depth understanding of the DISC behavioral assessment tool and how to use it to analyze and interpret behavior patterns in individuals. This understanding can help HR professionals to identify key strengths and weaknesses in their employees and tailor their management style to better align with each employee’s unique personality.

In addition, the Certified Behavioral Consultant course by PeopleKeys helps HR professionals to build effective and efficient teams. By using the DISC assessment tool, HR manager can better understand how individual behavior patterns can impact team dynamics and make informed decisions on team building strategies.

Moreover, DISC Certification from PeopleKeys gives HR professionals the skills and knowledge they need to improve communication within the organization. By understanding how different personality types communicate and respond to different situations, HR professionals can develop more effective communication strategies and resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Two Flexible Online Courses

Elevate your understanding of behavioral analysis and become an expert DISC facilitator with PeopleKeys’ flexible certification programs. From beginner to advanced, we’ll guide you every step of the way through our self-paced, online courses.

Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC)

This DISC certification course is online and self-paced, with a focus on use in business applications, from coaching or consulting to hiring, talent management, sales, and customer service. This option is great for individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace and don’t need access to live webinar-style instruction with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer.

Certified Behavioral Consultant Plus (CBC+)

This option includes the CBC self-paced, online course plus a bonus of two hours of live virtual webinar instruction with PeopleKeys Master Trainer John Schindell. This option is great for learners who prefer to have guided instruction with the ability to ask questions and engage with a live instructor to make the most of your DISC accreditation and learning.

Gain Expertise in Understanding DISC Profiles

 Become a certified behavioral consultant and expand your skills with our CBC or CBC+ course options. Choose the CBC for self-paced learning or the CBC+ for an immersive experience, including 2 hours of live training with a PeopleKeys Master Trainer where you can interact and ask any questions.

Both the CBC and CBC+ DISC certification programs consist of 2 sections: Level 1: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis provides an engaging and insightful overview of the history, theory, and applications of DISC behavioral analysis. Level 2: Advanced Behavioral Analysis is designed to follow the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis. This section focuses primarily on case studies and applications..

Training with DISC
DISC Certification

What Makes PeopleKeys Different?

Not all DISC providers are the same: PeopleKeys offers the most accredited, certified, and patented DISC-related products available. Our assessments have been validated through studies conducted by Texas State University and Eastern University. As the only ISO 27001:2017 certified DISC assessment provider worldwide, we prioritize data privacy and security.

Get the best for less: Why pay more for DISC facilitator kits when you can get it all at PeopleKeys for a competitive price? Comparable DISC training with other providers are higher in cost; we offer unbeatable pricing, high-quality course materials, and outstanding customer service.

Learn on your own time: At PeopleKeys, we understand the importance of flexibility in learning. Our DISC certification courses are 100% online and self-paced. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule without having to take time off work or finding an in-person workshop to attend. Start your journey to DISC mastery today!

Boost Your Credentials

Enhance your professional standing with PeopleKeys’ recognition by leading organizations such as IACET, SHRM, ICF, and the PeopleKeys/Institute for Motivational Living.

As an accredited member of IACET, successful completion of our Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) program entitles you to 3 valuable CEUs from the International Association for Coaching Education and Training.

For HR specialists, PeopleKeys’ accreditation by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) opens the door to up to 30 SHRM PDCs toward your re-certification, earned upon successful completion of our CBC course.



Gaining DISC Training
DISC Certification

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Acquiring DISC certification can give you a competitive edge and demonstrate your expertise in behavioral analysis. This credential allows you to delve deeper into understanding human behavior and its underlying reasons. The benefits of DISC certification are numerous. Firstly, it enables you to increase your earning potential as a corporate consultant or trainer. Additionally, it enhances the value of your coaching sessions, as you gain a deeper understanding of how behaviors impact individuals.

You can also serve a wider range of clients, including businesses, churches, and non-profits, expanding your reach and impact. Integrating DISC into your career development practice adds a new dimension to your services. Moreover, you can broaden your ministerial or counseling specialties, offering comprehensive support.

      Exclusive PeopleKeys Benefits

      Obtain your DISC certification from PeopleKeys and unlock a world of exclusive benefits. Only those who successfully complete the CBC course will have access to these perks, designed to help you succeed:

      • Enjoy discounts on all future purchases as a CBC
      • Receive a complimentary branded business account
      • Get complimentary DISC reports pre-loaded in your account
      • Access user guides and training on PeopleKeys report platforms
      • Work with a dedicated account manager
      • Proudly display your CBC certificate with raised seal
      • Earn Intro to Behavioral Analysis and Advanced Behavioral Analysis certificates
      • Receive Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from IACET.
        Gaining DISC Training

        See What Others Say About PeopleKeys


        Aaron Behunin

        Executive Coach at CertainPath

        PeopleKeys certification courses are a great investment. Understanding your people’s dominant fear, motivators, and identifying when their mask is up is helping my clients improve relationships.

        Sandor Lemstra

        Director / Owner, DISC Factor B.V., The Netherlands

        PeopleKeys helped me to realize my dream with their knowledge and their (amazing!) accurate and positive assessments. As a result, I now run my own multi-million dollar training company specialized in DISC and other PeopleKeys related products. Others will sell you their products like DISC; PeopleKeys helped me to realize my dream.

        Frequently Asked DISC Certification Questions

        Do I really need certification to apply DISC?

        The short answer: no. You don’t need to be certified to administer or interpret DISC.

        However, adding certification in behavioral analysis to your credentials will show you have an in-depth understanding of people and their predictable behavior as to why they do what they do. At the end of the course, you will have a deeper appreciation for DISC theory and application.

        How much time does it take to complete the CBC course?

        Since the course is self-paced, the time it takes to complete each course depends solely on how much time you spend on it. You should allow for 10 – 12 hours to complete the course, and it is possible to finish the course in a weekend.

        How do I receive my printed certificate?

        You may request a printed certificate with a raised seal after you have successfully completed both courses. There is a prompt within the course asking you if you would like to make this request.

        How do I receive my CEU credits?

        You may request your CEU transcript after you have successfully completed the course. There is a prompt within the course asking if you would like to make this request.

        Will I have access to this resource after it’s been completed?

        Yes, you will be able to login to each course, even after the courses are completed.

        Can I take the proficiency exams more than once?

        Both proficiency exams requires score of 80% or higher to pass. If you receive a score lower than 80% on either exam, you can review the course and take it again. There is no limit on how many times you can take the test.

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