DISC and Stress Management

“Recent data from the American Medical Association estimates that 43% of adults have experienced negative effects on their health due to stress.”

Stress ManagementDISC assessment teaches us that different personality types think, feel, and behave in instinctively different ways. Wouldn’t it follow that different personality types would experience stress in their own unique ways as well?

What may be stressful to one personality style, may actually energize another. Some personality types freeze under pressure, while some go into overdrive. Others withdraw emotionally, while some experience intense emotional swings. When stress responses are this different, it’s clear that not all stress management strategies will work for everyone.

American Medical Association believes that the impact of stress is much more significant than many people realize, attributing 75% to 90% of all doctor’s visits to stress-related illnesses.

Unfortunately, there is no blanket cure for reducing stress. Effective stress management requires an understanding of your unique behavioral style. If you recognize some of the physical and emotional signs of stress in your life, it’s time to consider new approaches for restoring a healthy balance. Stress can be minimized, but only with the right set of personality-focused strategies.

Learn the secrets to managing your stress based on your unique behavioral style. Our stress management solutions will help you: