DISC Technology Integrations

PeopleKeys® DISC technology delivers the most customizable, private label behavioral solutions worldwide

PeopleKeys® Technology Delivers

PeopleKeys embraces the latest, robust technologies to provide you with the most customizable behavioral solutions and best end-user experience in the marketplace today. PeopleKeys offers several options for use, integration and application of its technologies.

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PeopleKeys® API

A modern RESTful API, utilizing secure token-based authentication, the PeopleKeys® API can seamlessly integrate into your own standing applications. You can administer assessments, get results or behavioral style intensities, access or send reports, and utilize results in the context of your own web application or LMS.

This solution likely requires a full-stack programmer to build your connection to the PeopleKeys API to pass, receive, and utilize data on your web application. The API has been designed using the latest .NET technologies, such as .NET Core, Entity Framework (EF.Core), and coded to the latest .NET Standard 2.0 so that you’re getting the most efficient and fast application execution possible.

PeopleKeys® Private Label Website (PLS)

The Private Label Website (PLS) is an unbranded website that can be customized to your own branding guidelines. It is already fully integrated with the PeopleKeys® API, providing assessment-taking and report delivery on-demand. It features an e-commerce store to sell assessments directly on your own site (integrating with Stripe or Paypal for payment processing) and a user management system to register, login, and manage users.

The PLS will represent you and your brand, not PeopleKeys, giving the appearance that you are the first and only stop on the assessment delivery system.

PeopleKeys® Web Application

PeopleKeys® standalone assessment web application handles the complete assessment distribution process and has been designed to create a better user experience, with a faster page reload and response time.

The web application interacts with business logic through the PeopleKeys® API, modernized with current design trends and interface options. A mobile-first design methodology ensures taking an assessment is as hassle-free on a mobile device as on a desktop computer.

PeopleKeys® Assessment Widget

The PeopleKeys® Assessment Widget (Widget) is a snippet of JavaScript code that can be pasted on any webpage to enable PeopleKeys® assessment-taking directly on your website. Users will not need to leave your website to complete their assessments. You can either sell single use keycodes and have users enter these on the widget when starting their assessments, or you can assign a widget to use a pre-defined keycode.

Assigning pre-defined keycodes to the Widget would enable the ability for users to take assessments without needing to first input a code. When using a pre-defined keycode, you should take adequate precautions to only allow users restricted access this page, otherwise anyone could visit it and use a report credit.

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