With Halloween right around the corner, we know that you may already have ideas on what your treat or trick attire is going to be. DISC Personality ProfileBut if you don’t have a clear vision yet, we’re here to offer you a different approach for a quick last-minute inspiration of your festive ensemble. Halloween celebration is a great time to show off your personality, dig into the magic of all saints and make a remarkable memory for your family and friends. Let your true personality shine and rise.

Talking about personality, of course we mean the DISC Personality Profile by PeopleKeys. DISC Tests validly measures three different angles of one’s personality: the behavior expected by others, person’s core or learned behaviors, as well as one’s perceived self ‚Äì the way a person envisions themselves. The combination of these results gives plenty of grounds to make conclusions for people’s dominant and secondary personality traits. DISC can be used in any setting ‚Äì from work environment and team building to learning and development, from career planning to improving personal relationships and communication skills. Hence, why not apply DISC to the Halloween attires and off-the-clock appearance? Let’s see how the main Personality Styles will look during this spooky season:

Natural Superheroes = D Style

DISC Personality Superheroes

If your personality profile shows a dominant D, you are a natural leader and have an inner determination that nobody can defy. Deep inside yourself, you feel like a superhero that ought to direct everyone and be in charge of saving the world and creating a frenzy of super mood. Therefore, your obvious Halloween choice is dressing as your favorite superhero. Men have a wide selection to spot disguises as Batman, Superman or Spiderman. Ladies may go as Wonder Woman, which we know was created by Professor Marston, also known as the “father” of DISC. Talking about power, you may even consider a female historical super heroin as Joan of Arc.

Shiny Rockstar = I Style

DISC Personality Cute Babies

When your DISC results show you as talkative, friendly to everyone and creative, then your main personality is I Style. Being the social butterfly of the office and your neighborhood, your look comes straight from Pinterest. Take a look at the popular 2017 Halloween costumes and pick up your favorites. Whether you go as a Rockstar, mermaid, unicorn or a pirate you’re sure to have a ton of photos to share on social media. If you’d like to try being a little more creative, try making your own costume and be sure to use YouTube tutorials to finish the Instagram-worthy look.

Group Outfits = S Style

DISC Personality Group Outfits

Besides I, the other people-oriented personality style is S – that stands for steady and consistent. You can really connect with people and are extremely reliable. It is possible that you have the same outfit for years and there’s no reason to change it at all. You make the perfect partner for a couple or family outfit. Your key personality trademark is stability. No one would ever question your reliability or commitment to the group. Dress up as the Power Rangers, the Incredibles, a 12-pack of La Croix or a few crayons and let the trick and treating begin.

Historical Character = C Style

DISC Personality Ghost

The C Style personality loves sticking to the facts. What better costume we can suggest than something coming straight out of the history books. Whether you’re going for a classic like Abe Lincoln or Uncle Sam or something a little trendier like Hamilton your perfectionist self will love going as a historical figure. If you like science, try a mad scientist like Albert Einstein or convince your friends to dress up as Big Bang Theory crew. If worse comes to worst, as we know you don’t like to draw the attention to you, you may just hide under a sheet and call yourself Casper for the night.

Whether you’re going as a superhero, the latest trend in a group, or as your favorite friendly ghost you’re sure to dazzle your friends with a costume that showcases who you are on the inside and make your personality style sparkle for the night. Happy Halloween!