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Whether you’re seeking transformative insights for personal growth or aiming to elevate your organization’s dynamics, PeopleKeys has the right assessments for your specific needs. Unlock a wealth of knowledge tailored for individuals and corporations alike, and embark on a journey of self-discovery or organizational excellence with PeopleKeys.


Coaches & Consultants

Access top-tier assessments, refine your client engagements, and reap financial benefits. Elevate your practice by and unlocking the full potential of PeopleKeys’ industry-leading tools.


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Optimize pre-hiring, team dynamics, and conflict resolution effortlessly. Uncover insights that drive collaboration and productivity, propelling your organization to new heights of success.


Explore a multitude of products for personal growth, career planning, and understanding others at DISCinsights – the PeopleKeys online store designed for individual or infrequent purchases.


Utilize StudentKeys assessments to gain invaluable insights into learning styles and communication preferences to help foster a more effective educational environment.


Government Entities

Utilize PeopleKeys assessments to help streamline recruitment processes, optimize team performance, and promote a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Churches & Ministries

Strengthen spiritual connections and foster community harmony within. Gain deep insights into individual and group dynamics for impactful ministry outcomes.