With global HR technology adoption on the rise and an ever-changing landscape of the hiring and talent management industry, PeopleKeys is making a strategic move by turning its focus towards global expansion.

YOUNGSTOWN, OH / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2024 / In an era where the global pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work and virtual hiring, IML/PeopleKeys offers a unique approach to finding the right candidates for any job with a platform that has revolutionized hiring, onboarding, and talent management. PeopleKeys’ patented technology can quickly evaluate a wide range of factors to help assess if a candidate is a potential match for a job. This process includes assessing soft skills such as personality and leadership style, which are combined with skills, experiences, background, and education to comprehensively predict job success.

By utilizing this approach, companies can make informed hiring decisions and significantly reduce turnover rates. The platform is available in 35 languages, making it accessible to companies around the world. PeopleKeys already has strong representation in certain regions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and is now actively searching for representatives for each language. This expansion will allow them to better serve their international clients and provide localized support.

Dr. Brad Smith, President of PeopleKeys states, “We have partnerships in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Singapore, and have collaborated to enhance their business operations with PeopleKeys Technology.” Ania Sarnacka, a PeopleKeys partner from Poland, agrees. “I had a successful consulting and training company that was geared toward hiring the right people and working with new managers to transition them into leadership. PeopleKeys gave me tools to immediately identify behaviors and skills critical to the matching process. They gave me a way to replicate top talent and target training for existing employees. PeopleKeys helped me double my business the first year of partnering with them, and gain clients like BMW, Avon, and other large corporate accounts.”

One of the key strengths of PeopleKeys’ platform is its cultural sensitivity and effectiveness in different regions. The company is highly hands-on with their consultants and trainers, ensuring that everything they do is highly validated, reliable, practical, and easy to implement.

Dr. Smith has seen replicable results in each country, in each language where direct representatives work with PeopleKeys. Smith adds, “We have another 25+ languages and regions where we are searching for these types of partnerships.”

Sandor Lemstra, a PeopleKeys partner in the Netherlands, talks about his 15-year relationship with PeopleKeys. “I was a trainer looking for new methods and ways to increase productivity of my clients. The partnership with PeopleKeys has allowed me to be the provider of choice for places like the Netherlands Postal Service. Their highly validated and relevant assessments proved the key element to enhance training.”

Industry players interested in contributing to the evolution of hiring and talent management may consider this opportunity to join PeopleKeys as an international representative. With its patented matching technology, PeopleKeys is preparing for global expansion and is actively seeking partners to distribute its innovative solutions worldwide.

For more information and to explore the possibilities of becoming an international representative for PeopleKeys, please visit their website: https://peoplekeys.com/partner-distributor.