DISC Theory: What is DISC?

A Brief Overview of DISC

Dr. William Moulton Marston founded the DISC model of human behavior at Harvard University in the 1920s while researching his book, The Emotions of Normal People. He was looking to identify predictable traits and behaviors of everyday people in different environments. DISC styles are a combination of four behavioral personality types: Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

The DISC personality test, or assessment, has been applied in business applications for over well over 35 years. When you think about it, the most valuable asset of any company is its people. This means not just hiring the right person but also filling positions with motivated and talented employees to be successful in every way possible.

DISC assessments are also extremely beneficial in personal applications. One of the most important steps in personal development is understanding yourself and others. These are two things that can help strengthen the relationships in your life.

What Does DISC Mean?

The DISC model provides a way of understanding how people interact with the world around them. There is no one size fits all personality, and the DISC personality styles help to understand that there isn’t just one type of person out there – everyone has different ways in which they operate based on their preferences. The letters of DISC stand for:

D – Dominant, Driven, Decisive, Direct
People with a high “D” personality type are typically risk-takers and self-starters. They’re usually extraordinarily goal-oriented, competitive, and in positions of authority or doing things their own way and on the terms they want to set for themselves.

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I – Influential, Inducing, Impulsive
People with a strong “I” personality style are the life of every party. They thrive on being around other people and love to have fun experiences, so you’ll never be bored spending time with one!

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S – Stable, Sincere, Sympathetic
People with an “S” personality are often described as a rock because they have the ability to carry things on their shoulders and take care of themselves when others can’t. This is why these people seek out routine in life where there’s stability so that they don’t get too overwhelmed by all the changes around them.

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C – Conscientious, Creative, Compliant
People with a strong “C” personality are described as perfectionists, and place great value on being accurate. The “C” personality takes great pride in his or her work and tends to think logically when trying to solve problems.

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