Bradley P. Smith, Ph.D.

President & Co-Founder, PeopleKeys, Inc.

Brad Smith

Dr. Bradley Smith is well recognized as an expert in the development of human behavioral and skills assessments and the technologies that deliver the materials with 24×7 access.

Dr. Smith recently received four patents in the behavioral technology field, including “Method of Matching Employers with Job Seekers,” which is revolutionizing the hiring and recruiting industry. Dr. Smith’s patent for the process of matching both hard and soft skills scores to benchmarks that accurately measure and predict job and career success.

Dr. Smith has served as the Director of Development for The Institute for Motivational Living since 1997 and as President and Co-Founder of sister company, PeopleKeys, Inc., since 2004. Previously, Dr. Smith was the Executive Director for the International Center for Real Life Education, a corporate entity specializing in developing and delivering learning and behavioral materials for education and business. Additionally, Dr. Smith has owned and operated several successful software and consulting companies specializing in this field.

Since 2022, Dr. Smith has served as Director of Behavioral Applications of the NDTC (National De-escalation Training Centers) and as a member of the NDTC Metrics and Accountability Committee. The NDTC provides De-escalation training to the DOJ and law enforcement officers across the country.

Dr. Smith has been called as an expert witness in numerous court cases involving copyright, patent, and IP rights associated with online assessments. He has worked extensively on validation and reliability studies of various behavioral instruments, and his work has been widely published. Smith is also the holder of four (4) patents in engineering and technology, with his recent additional patent in the technology and behavioral health fields.

Dr. Smith’s education includes:

  • Ph.D., M.A. – Organizational Development, Logos Graduate School
  • Bachelor – Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences – Kent State University
  • Dr. Smith is also a Certified Professional Behavioral Coach, a Licensed Behavioral Counselor, and is a frequent contributor to various HR and Business Journals.