Conflict Resolution

When individuals with different personality types work closely together, conflict is bound to arise. When it does, how will you deal with it? We can help you change the dynamics behind a conflicted relationship and turn unhealthy interactions into healthy and productive exchanges.

Researchers found that 85% of both individual contributors and leaders agreed they experienced some amount conflict at work.

Understand Why Conflict Happens

The fact that conflict exists isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you approach conflict in a healthy and productive manner, it can lead to personal and professional growth. Discover how to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively with DISC. Use DISC conflict resolution tools to develop a positive approach to communicating with and relating to others. Our training courses, assessments, seminar tools, and reports will help you build stronger relationships through understanding why you do what you do, how your actions affect others, and how their actions affect you.

DISC to Resolve Conflict

Strategies to Resolve Conflict

  • Work through differences with colleagues, family, and friends
  • Avoid situations that may trigger conflict
  • Relieve tension in personal and professional relationships
  • Build harmonious and productive teams
  • Create a people-friendly work environment
  • Communicate more effectively with different personality styles
  • Uncover people’s underlying fears and internal motivators