PeopleKeys® – The Official DISC™ Provider
Over 35 years as a world leader in behavioral analysis, unlocking human potential, and creating stronger teams!

PeopleKeys® – The Official DISC™ Provider
Over 35 years as a world leader in behavioral analysis, unlocking human potential, and creating stronger teams!

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We publish a wide array of personality and behavioral assessments, courses & training tools available in multiple languages with applications in:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Counseling, and more…


Our next generation technology gives you instant access to all assessments, hiring and training tools from anywhere in the world.

  • Scalable for multiple devices
  • Interactive for touch screens
  • Customizable & brandable


PeopleKeys® offers a wide range of training courses & solutions. Become an Expert in People.

  • Get DISC Certified & Accredited
  • Participate in Monthly Webinar DISC Training
  • Earn CEUs in our IACET Approved Programs


PeopleKeys® offers a wide range of talent management solutions. Our system will help you hire the right people.

  • Recruit and filter potential hires
  • Build strong and productive teams
  • Increase employee retention

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The Power of Personality

Based on observations over thousands of years of human development, DISC has been used since the 1920’s to better understand people. Seeing how each of us is a combination of four basic human patterns, which reveals a great deal about what motivates us as well as what we fear and avoid. This information can offer a new perspective on why we do what we do.


Build A Stronger Business
Use PeopleKeys® tools to build strong leaders & teams, increase productivity & efficiency, improve communication, hire effectively, retain staff, and train your sales & customer service staff. Let PeopleKeys® put their 30 years of expertise to work for you.


Take Your Consulting to the Next Level
Become a consultant or coach with PeopleKeys® certification training and accreditation. If you’re already a consultant, add value to your consulting practice with PeopleKeys tools and assessments and let us help you to earn more.


Discover more about yourself
The first step to personal development is understanding why we do what we do. Each person is different, but we are predictably different. Discover your DISC personality style today with PeopleKeys®.

Leadership Development

Communicate & Motivate Effectively
Knowing your inherent strengths and limitations is a vital part of effective leadership. Through targeted training, learn how to recognize your instinctive leadership style and minimize existing weaknesses, to work effectively with your team.

Team Building

Maximize Performance & Productivity
An effective and motivated team begins with effective communication. DISC allows you to quickly and accurately identify the communication style of each team member, maximizing performance and productivity.

Talent Management

Hire the Right People
Having the right people in the right place is often the difference between success and failure. PeopleKeys® uses industry-specific benchmarks to identify key behavioral and skill traits necessary for top employee performance.