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The Key to Understanding People

Unlock the full potential of your organization. From strategic hiring decisions to fostering a culture of growth, PeopleKeys helps ensure every individual has the foundation for success.

Trusted by thousands of leading organizations wordwide

PeopleKeys® is the Official DISC Provider

While the DISC foundation is public domain, not all assessments are created equal. We’re not just another provider — we’re the Official DISC provider — and the go-to experts in unlocking human potential.


Coach & Consultant

Unlock the potential of personality in coaching and consulting—guiding individuals toward their fullest capabilities.
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Optimize your workforce with solutions trusted by startups to Fortune 500 corporations to help ensure long-term success.

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Transform educational experiences with insights into personalities—fueling effective teaching and student engagement.



Empower government initiatives—utilize proven solutions to enhance team dynamics and decision-making processes.

Backed by Over 35 Years of Research

Our validated and accredited solutions address specific assessment tools, training, and technology needs. The patented PeopleKeys Predictive AI™ process plays a crucial role in revolutionizing our hire-train-retain process, predicting successful job matches and enhancing talent management strategies.

Quick & Accessible for Everyone

A PeopleKeys assessment is not just swift and straightforward—it’s effortlessly manageable too.

Improve Candidate Quality & Retention

Seamless Integration into Existing Processes

EEOC Compliant & Bias-Free

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One Assessment, Diverse Applications

Experience some of the transformative capabilities of understanding that a single PeopleKeys assessment can offer.


Team Building

Strengthen team bonds and collaboration for a more cohesive work environment.


Streamline hiring by matching candidates’ personalities with your team and organizational goals.

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Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts by grasping the underlying personality dynamics within your team.


Leadership Development

Customize leadership development for impactful leaders, focusing on strengths and growth areas.

Effective Communication

Foster clear and open communication, eliminating barriers for more effective team communication.

Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement by recognizing the diverse personalities within your workforce.

Level Up Your Expertise With DISC Certification

Who is DISC certification for? Quite simply, any professional who works with a variety of people. Certification provides you with the expertise and resources to best serve your teams or clients.

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For Coaches & Consultants

Acquire advanced communication skills and personalized coaching approaches.

For Management

Build high-performing teams by understanding individual strengths and adapting leadership styles, fostering harmony.

For HR Professionals

Optimize recruitment by evaluating candidates based on behavioral profiles, reducing turnover.

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