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PeopleKeys is the trusted DISC provider for corporate businesses, organizations, agencies, institutions, consultants, and trainers worldwide. As a leading authority in Unlocking Human Potential, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific assessment tools, training, and technology requirements. With a remarkable track record of over 14 million completed DISC and behavioral assessments, we empower individuals to gain a deep understanding of their strengths and limitations. Our internationally acclaimed patented technology ensures accessibility round the clock, providing assessments and reports in 36 localized languages.
DISC Assessments

Online Assessments

PeopleKeys validated and accredited assessments for applications in business, education, counseling, and more.

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Certification & Training

Explore our DISC certification and training courses designed to help you excel at interpreting and administering assessments.

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Business Accounts

Our business account enables you to white-label your reports, easily administer assessments, and much more.

Is DISC Certification Worth It?

Six Steps to a Successful Coaching Practice

PeopleKeys 4D: Our Most Comprehensive Report

Validated. Certified. Trusted.

Based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, PeopleKeys is the most highly validated and accredited DISC assessment and certification provider in the world. We are proud members of IACET, SHRM, and our own certification process through PeopleKeys/The Institute for Motivational Living. We are also validated through studies conducted by Texas State University and Eastern University. As the only ISO 27001:2017 certified DISC assessment provider worldwide, we ensure the highest compliance in data protection and privacy.

Accreditations and Certifications of PeopleKeys

Start Hiring the Perfect Person for Each Position

PeopleKeys removes the guesswork by employing its patented process of talent management solutions, allowing you to hire the right people for your company.

However, PeopleKeys doesn’t stop at recruitment; we offer comprehensive solutions throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Their predictive hiring tools will assist you in recruiting and filtering potential hires, establishing and implementing performance benchmarks, nurturing employee leadership and management skills, and much more.

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