Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder, PeopleKeys, Inc. | Chairman of the Board, The Bair Foundation

Sandy Kulkin

Dr. Sanford (Sandy) Kulkin has traveled throughout the United States and abroad, imparting the principle, “Where there’s agreement, there’s power.” This message has gone out to over 2,000,000 people who have used Sandy’s materials and the over 50,000 coaches and consultants he has personally trained. Sandy has affectionately been called “The Maker of Millionaires” by many of the people he helped to unlock their own personal earning potential in the field of human behavior and relationship management.

In 1983, Dr. Sandy Kulkin founded The Institute for Motivational Living, a training, marketing, and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively. In 2004, Dr. Kulkin co-founded PeopleKeys Corporation, a technology company used in the recruitment, selection, and hiring process through a patented process unique to the behavioral industry. Sandy has provided services for organizations such as AT&T, Aramark, IBM, Kodak, MCI, Phillips Petroleum, Santek Environmental, Southdown, Sun Control Systems, Sylvan Learning Systems, U.S. Navy, U.S. Treasury Department, United Airlines, and Wal-Mart Corporation.

Sandy Kulkin has developed five graduate-level college courses and has authored a unique book for married couples entitled Body and Soul, a guide to understanding how an individual’s distinct personality affects relationships. Dr. Kulkin has over 100 copyrights, a patent for hiring using soft skills and hard skills, and is Chairman of the Board for several large non-profits, including the country’s largest private foster care agency.